Our Products and tools to help you stay ANTI-FRAGILE outside of the treatment room!

At Resilient Health we offer a range of excellent products, information and exercising aids to help keep you healthy and aid in your recovery and relaxation. Including some supplements, plenty of magnesium alternatives such as Epsom salts, flakes and creams, as well as several other products to aid in your recovery and relaxation.


All of our stock items are PROUDLY Australian Made!


Our current favourites are:

  • Wili Heat bags
  • Florentine Gold's Natural Harmony Body & Joint Rub
  • Antiflamme
  • Spikey balls
  • Foam rollers
  • And some gorgeous new additions from local businesses!

Not to mention our handy patient handouts!

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See you in the clinic!osteopathy resilient health Adelaide

The Resilient Health Team