Written By Dr Casey Beaumont (Osteopath)


Have you checked in with your shoes?? ?
Both of these pairs are due for a change over:

resilient health osteoapthy sports chiropractic sneakers adelaide south australia
See the wearing at the soles and the creasing of the foam?

resilient health osteoapthy sports chiropractic sneakers adelaide south aus
They are the same age…
Whilst we often wait for our shoes to look more like the ones on the left; the ones on the right aren’t much better!
Perhaps this is a gentle reminder to you that our shoes and bodies move a lot of kilometres together, and if either are starting to leave clues that they are ready tp be replaced it might be time to check in.

Bodies can also give you some great reminders:

? sore feet for no particular reason?
? a recurrent niggle at your lower back or hip, or even your knee or arch?
? a bit more stiffness in your middle back after your walk
?a tender foot pad (maybe you’ve worn through and have water in your shoe too!?)


No one likes wet socks… ?
And we all love a good trouble-shoot before we have to ask for directions.
Ask us at your next consult! If it’s something you need more info on we can help! Or we can put you in contact with some of our DREAM TEAM who specialize in this!


See you in the clinic!osteopathy resilient health Adelaide

The Resilient Health Team